The Woodpecker Family

Woodpecker Family copyright Paula Kuitenbrouwer, photo Thomas Kluck

I’ve finished my portrait of a woodpecker family based on The Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe. Daddy Woodpecker inspects his home. Mummy Woodpecker feeds her son. Notice that a female woodpecker has no red cap. Both male and female have a red belly.


The original Woodpecker drawing, with Fine Art Cards


Paula Kuitenbrouwer

18 thoughts on “The Woodpecker Family

  1. Sybille

    Soooo nice!! Very well done, Paula! I saw one of these birds last summer in front of our house on a tree (or maybe it was the summer before?).

    P.S. – In Italian you can also say “picchio minore”. Ciao!


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  3. Jamie Dedes

    Reblogged this on THE CAT'S MEOW and commented:
    Well, the Gypster and I are just getting back to blogging. We plan to make visit blogs and catch up before we start posting again. One of our first visits took us to Paula. We love birds and we love how Paula does birds. Lovely! Enjoy with us …


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