Paula Kuitenbrouwer


 Biography and Artist Statement

Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Art and philosophy are my favourite subjects. I’ve lived some years in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Belgium and the Netherlands. Currently I live with my husband and our darling daughter in Ireland. I have studied Philosophy at the University of Utrecht and Amsterdam. My art teachers have been the Spanish artist Charito Crahay, and the Dutch painter Johan Kolman. I remember fondly the hours that I worked at their ateliers. In Seoul, I’ve attended art class at Hongik University.

To me art is about creating beauty. I like to find beautiful compositions with harmonious shapes and colours. Apart from being intrigued by beautiful compositions, drawing helps me to escape the stressful concept of time. When I draw, time is substituted for timelessness.

In Korea, my family lived next to a Buddhist temple. In the early morning we would hear the monks chanting. During my hours of sauntering with my daughter through the beautiful temple gardens, I felt a blissful happiness that I try to capture in my drawings.

The subjects of my drawings are almost always living things. Contemplating and admiring nature is essential to me. My work therefore shows an observational journal. Every drawing or painting is a little story or precious moment of my life. What, who and where does my art and life connect? In nature, in mindfulness, while watching butterflies, observing birds and admiring botany, when listening to Bach, and when living vegan with respect for all living things, and of course, when I am with people that I love and admire.

My daughter’s art blog is here.

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About Paula Kuitenbrouwer

Paula Kuitenbrouwer (born 1963) paints, writes and draws. She studied philosophy at the University of Utrecht, graduated from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and has lived with her husband and daughter in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and Belgium. When Paula was living with her family in South Korea, she corresponded regularly with her father. One of the letters from Paula to her father, a story on Buddha’s birthday, was published by the Dutch Buddhist newspaper in 2014.

Paula wrote articles on alternative education that were published in the Dutch newspapers the NRC and Trouw. She also wrote policy and discussion papers on education. For the BON (Better Education Netherlands) she wrote an essay about the classical curriculum.

In 1994 Paula won the Cimedart Essay Contest with an essay on population growth and in 1995 she won the Euro Essay Contest (first prize) with an essay on the fight against crime in Europe. Pedagogy in Practice (PIP) published Paula’s article about Charlotte Mason, an influential Victorian teacher. Paula’s publications are (click) here.

Latching on: Breastfeeding my Baby‘ is in Dutch, entitled ‘Aan de borst’, available at, Amazon(s), BookDepository, Barnes & Noble and many other online bookshops. The English translation is not yet available.

Paula’s original artwork is at

Paula’s printed artwork is at

Reviews and Remarks;
‘Paula’s paintings are like the models themselves had moved onto the paper’.
‘Her drawings and paintings are characterized by an ethereal and oriental feel.’
“Lovely item and a very helpful seller – many thanks!”
“Shipment was very fast and the product was very high quality. Thank you – I’m very pleased”.
“What GORGEOUS ARTWORK you do! I always wished I was more artistic, I love to draw but only have limited talent in that way. I love you depictions of nature, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing that”.
“Hi Paula, I love your drawings and looking at them I can really feel the quiet moments and simple pleasures we can get from nature. Very calming, indeed! Many thanks”.
“You are a wonderfully talented artist Paula with a beautiful technique for making tender images that warm my heart to look at. Thank you”.
“Paula like you I love nature but you have an amazing capacity to capture nature at it’s best with your wonderful drawings. My best wishes for your continued success – people will fall in love with your wonderful talent”.
“The detail shown in the drawing of the Tawny Owl is amazing. This is another amazing piece from your Collection. Warm regards”.
“Paula, I loved your nature arts. I do like stumbling upon feathers once in a while and collect them for their beauty. They seem like magical gifts from nature”.
I love Paula’s work for her heart flows through her artistic pen which is also an extension of her mind.

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